I actually bought Sheryl Sandberg’s book (couple of weeks ago), and I can’t wait to read it. In my experience, sometimes waiting for your boss to go on medical leave is the opportunity because there are definitely those “leaders” who just don’t like you(or have other reasons they are to insecure to share). (And that’s even if everyone else does). Regardless, I think the important thing is when opportunity comes, no matter its disguise, how you handle it is what will make or break your path. Adding to your advice, be openminded at all times and don’t take business personal. As human beings, we we feel discouraged or drowned out, we tend to isolate ourselves from everything and feel pessimistic about everything. Keeping an open mind and “letting it go” leaves room for opportunities to come knocking. And once they come, listen to what you want. Your instincts will surely do you good. No matter, everything is a lesson learned.

Great piece, reflection & advice. Happy to know everyone else sees how talented you are. There is no doubt you will find success as you study for your Master’s and complete your military duties.